Kavita Nalawde
Life is full of unexpected events. We were sitting in the waiting room and I decided to grab a newspaper to read. However, instead of taking the paper I picked up a spiritual magazine. It was full of stories of people who had gone to psychics and supernatural healers and how their life had changed. There were also various ads of people who did past life analysis and I was really intrigued.

In our return journey I wondered about my past-life. I googled and discovered that getting information about past life known was not a cheap affair. Finally I found a website that promised to tell me about my past-life for free. I typed a few details and got the following result:

I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation. You were born somewhere in the territory of modern North India around the year 900. Your profession was that of a writer, dramatist or organizer of rituals.

I showed it to my husband and he laughed at my excitement. I was always a writer I said and he smiled.

10/5/2012 05:55:34 pm

Found your site through Weebly and wanted to say hi

K. Narssimhan
6/12/2013 07:56:37 pm

Nice to read your blog! Keep writing...


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