Kavita Nalawde
I was unpacking my bag. It was a difficult task as I had to keep  everything neatly in a limited amount of time and with minimal noise (every new  parent would understand what I mean)

I was walking on tiptoes trying to balance as much as possible in  my two little hands when something fell sharply, making a jingling sound. I  turned immediately to make sure the baby was asleep. Yes she was, in her deep
slumber, smiling as if teasing me on my clumsiness.

I looked on the floor and the culprit was a set of two bells tied together with a bow of golden and red strings. The sight of the bells immediately took me to the busy suburban Thursday market in Goregaon. 
“Oh wow, so cute,” I had commented to my sister as I fell in love with them.

The market was a major feature on Thursdays. It was the day when  a sleepy marketplace morphed into a giant fair of commodities. People would be  selling anything and everything from cheap toys to home-made delicacies. There  was a huge spectrum of articles from hair accessories to fresh fruit and  vegetables. The market would usually be on the road leading to the railway  station so that the people rushing to catch their train home or returning from  work would get an opportunity to buy their favourites. The number of stalls and  the noise of the vendors would grab the attention of everyone who ventured on that road.

On any other week day the ‘station road’ would be sleepy with  people walking in a rhythmic motion to and fro from the station. However, on a  Thursday there would be a wave on enthusiasm as the people would be more
energetic to grab the best bargain. ‘Nothing should be bought at the price offered’ was the golden rule and haggling was a must.

I was walking on the road watching the innumerable  number of stalls and people when my eyes saw the cute bells with a red and  golden bow.  I bought them immediately. 

Now, almost a month later, I was back home admiring them once again. After all, it was their jingling that had taken me back to the extravaganza of the ‘Thursday market’ in Mumbai.