Kavita Nalawde
We had decided to do a little trip to the south of the city and visit various destinations. So we set out mid morning with all our enthusiasm to visit the first destination of our choice that was the Mahalaxmi Temple.  Our journey had started from the suburbs and hence we thought that it would take a long time to reach the south of Mumbai. However, Mumbai is a city that changes and reinvents itself in a very short span of time. The driver took us to the Bandra-Worli sea-link that was the most fascinating part. We reached Worli in more or less 20 minutes and then to Mahalaxmi in another 20. If someone would have told me about this ten years back, I would have laughed but I truly feel that the sea-link is a miracle that will gain popularity. Yes, you do have to pay a toll when you cross the bridge but that ensures that the condition of the roads remain good.

We first went to Mahalaxmi temple. Next, we decided to visit the Babulnath temple. The taxi driver dropped us on the road near a narrow entrance that was supposed to be the way to enter the temple.  He advised us to take the lifts instead of climbing the stairs. After all it was 1000 feet above sea level.

We were stopped at the entrance by the flower vendors who gave us the basket that contained stuff for the puja.  You were expected to pay for them on your return from the temple. The basket had the usual items flowers, incense sticks, prasad, Bel leaves and surprising a small plastic bag that contained milk to offer Lord Shiva. We walked and reached the elevators that took us straight up to the temple.  The entrance of the temple felt absolutely majestic and there was peace all around. There were very few people and we got a very peaceful view of Lord Shiva in all his glory. There were numerous copper pots kept near to a water tap for the devotees so that they could pour it on the Shiv Linga. We opened the plastic bag offered milk and flowers. There was also a place where you could light the incense sticks. There were various other gods and goddesses and we looked at all of them with absolute awe. We sat on the temple steps for a long time afterwards admiring the beauty of the actual temple itself.  The unique thing that I felt about this temple was the serenity. Nobody who is standing outside on the road near the narrow entrance would imagine such a calm setting above.

On our way back to the elevators we were mesmerised by the sight of the buzzing Mumbai city below. There was the vast ocean on one side and the changing skyline of Mumbai on the other. I looked behind at the temple once before going in the elevators and felt that inside it felt as if the time had stopped. We could be in the forties, fifties or even sixties but outside was Mumbai city of the 21st century.

5/18/2013 06:16:32 pm

I was a very nice smell of incense that can be felt in the Asian temples.

5/28/2013 12:38:45 am

In many religious rituals used incense.


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