Kavita Nalawde

My best friend in school is going to Calcutta for the summer holidays and she is very excited. We decide that we will send each other letters. The final exams are over and our summer holidays start. It’s only been a week and I run to the nearest post office which is just 200 yards away from my house and get a postcard. I write about the little events that happened in the past week and post it. Then, the wait begins and I am too eager to get a response from her. After nearly two weeks, I stop waiting as I think that she might not have received my postcard. I convince myself that it might have been lost in the enormous piles of letters that are being sent from Mumbai everyday. I am disappointed and even think of sending another one when after nearly three and a half weeks the postman finally brings a postcard addressed to me from Calcutta. I am so happy. I read it full in one breath.

Thirteen years later

I am getting married and very soon will leave Mumbai. My best friend is happy and sad at the same time. This time we promise each other to keep in touch and exchange email addresses. Time moves on and we keep in touch via email sharing the triumphs and losses of each others lives. Although, it’s not the same as the thrill I received when I got my first postcard but still every email is a genuine pleasure.

Some more years pass

Life has completely changed and our responsibilities have increased. Yes, agreed, it takes a few minutes but it’s still hard to keep in touch. One day we discover a networking site. Communicating couldn't have been easier. It's just a few words or sentences but yes we know whatever is happening in each others life. Every post or scrap brings the same smile to my face that I had when we used to chat for hours.  
I feel that technology is great and it's good to keep up with the times.

7/27/2012 02:34:34 am

First time here at your blog and wanted to say hi.


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