Kavita Nalawde
Spring has started to reveal its presence in the garden. The trees, the shrubs, the bushes all seem to sway in a rhythmic way to the gentle music of the heavens. There is colour in different shades of green, yellow, red and pink.

The plum tree full of little pink buds appears caring and compassionate as it gives shelter to two magpies. The black and white birds seemed to be quite interested in the tree flying around it for a long time before finally deciding to build their home there.  The nest that was in full view at the start of Feb is slowly being veiled by the maroon leaves.

Though the mornings are still cold the warmth of the sun is starting to feel pleasant. There is life, hope, peace and happiness all around in nature and the only thing I feel it asks back is appreciation. Enjoy the colour and vibrancy of the season.

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