Kavita Nalawde

Coffee @ 4:00 (Sneak Peek)

Geeta left her uncle’s house with a heavy heart and crossed the road to go to the opposite chawl. Geeta’s married life thus began with a sort of turbulence that never ended. Within a few weeks she realised that Vinod was not the person he had shown himself to be. All the words and phrases that he had told earlier were part of a cunning plan. He was a very big drug addict and Geeta was the means to fulfil this habit. He was very demanding and dominating. She felt that her life didn’t change much after marriage. She used to give her salary to her aunt earlier and now Vinod would snatch it from her. She was a slave in her aunt’s place earlier and she was a slave in Vinod’s house now. Geeta had decided that she will continue to give some money to her uncle but Vinod barely left anything for her or the house. She was used to her aunt passing sarcastic remarks before but she was zapped to hear the verbal abuse that came from Vinod’s mouth every day. Geeta felt more and more frustrated as the days went by but she knew she couldn’t go back to her uncle’s house as her aunt wouldn’t spare her.
Vinod regularly came home late at night completely drunk. All he would do was ask for his dinner and demand sex. There was not much use declining as he would hit her on hearing even the slightest ‘No’. Geeta started to become more and more depressed with each passing day as the physical and mental abuse continued. There was no such thing as marital bliss in her life and she sometimes used to question herself if she did the right thing by loving this person or was she a fool in love?
One day Vinod brought a stranger home. He took Geeta to the kitchen and said, ‘this guy is my boss. All you have to do is please him and he will give me a promotion at work.’
‘What do you mean?’ Geeta asked angrily.
‘Simple. You are a beautiful woman and you have to show your charm. That’s it. He is very easy to please and the whole thing will be done in minutes.’
Geeta was outraged. Vinod was a lazy person and never reached his office on time. Infact his addiction was so bad that he wouldn’t go to work at all on some days. There was no chance of him ever getting a promotion. She couldn’t believe her ears. Her own husband wanted her to sleep with his boss for the sake of a promotion and where would all his earnings go? It would go to the same bottomless pit of drugs.
‘Are you out of your mind?’ Geeta said with anger.
‘Why are you getting so angry?’ Vinod said catching her hand tightly.
‘What type of a man you are asking your wife to do this dirty act? Is this the reason why you married me? I am never going to do what you want,’ Geeta was shaking violently with anger.
Geeta’s refusal somewhat surprised Vinod as he had always considered Geeta as his sole property or slave rather than his wife. He thought that he was the master of the house and Geeta had to accept his command. There had been a number of episodes in the past where he had coaxed Geeta into submission but this time her reaction was completely different.
Geeta’s negative answer irked him and he gave her a big slap on the cheek. Geeta was shocked to see this side of Vinod. He had been physical with her in the past but this was totally out of sync. He was no longer the charmer she had fallen in love with but had turned into a monster. A monster, whose addiction to drugs had taken control of his senses. She came out of the kitchen to see the stranger smiling at her and it was a very cunning smile. Geeta knew at once that he would not give anything to Vinod once his deed with Geeta was over. More important of all Geeta didn’t want to disgrace herself in front of anyone.
She asked Vinod’s boss to get out and he stood up angrily.
Vinod gave her another slap and said to him ‘Sir ji, you wait she will become all right once I have given her the dose.’
Geeta’s mind was racing. She couldn’t bow down to Vinod’s wishes. She was not his pet animal who required training. Once she agrees with one person there might be others coming to their house very soon. Geeta understood that there was no life here and she had to think super fast. She gave one last look to both the men and ran out of the house. She ran as fast as she could and the farther that she could go. She didn’t even stop to look behind. It was so late in the night that people were looking at her with strange eyes. She saw the train station and jumped inside the train that was about to leave. It was probably the last train going to town and there was no one in the ladies compartment except for this lady in a black dress sitting at the corner of the carriage....

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