Kavita Nalawde

Coffee @ 4:00 (Look inside..)

Geeta was late getting up this morning. Her client had been extremely boring last night and it took her really long to reach home. She was so tired by the end that she took some sleeping pills and went to sleep. This was one habit she wanted to end. She was extremely fond of black coffee and her life revolved around black coffees and sleeping pills.
She got up the next morning and looked at her watch. It was 11.30. Oh shucks it’s really late she thought. She had an appointment at the beauty parlour at 12.30 and she had to hurry. Geeta always took care of her appearance and was up-to-date with all the things happening in the fashion world. She would know the colour of the season and the latest product launched in the makeup department. Her bathroom was filled with bottles of moisturisers, makeup removers and all sorts of glittery sparkly things. Being seductive was part of her life, not that she had to try very hard. She was tall with beautiful features and curvaceous body that any woman would die for. Her hair was shoulder length with nice curls and she used to colour them in different shades of brown according to the season.
She went to the kitchen made herself a black coffee, a really strong one and drank it. The smell of caffeine was like heaven for her and the few minutes spent sipping the morning coffee was the only time she would sit and enjoy rather than rushing around. She went to the shower and got dressed in blue jeans and pink linen top. She looked in the mirror, ruffled her hair around a bit and went to her beauty parlour. She was happy as today was Thursday. This was the day when she would meet Ria and Ryan and this was the day when Geeta could be the real girl that she was.
She reached the parlour and grabbed a copy of the latest women’s magazine. ‘Ten tips to spice up your sex life’ read the title of one article. I must give this to Ria she thought and tore the page of the article from the magazine. She glanced at it once, folded it neatly and then kept it in her purse. The lady sitting next to her in the waiting room seemed to be horrified at her action.
‘It is an old issue and almost everyone has read it. My friend desperately needs some tips as her husband is well... boring,’ Geeta said with a smile.
The lady calmed down a bit and smiled back. She looked at Geeta closely and asked ‘How long has she been married?’
‘Nine maybe ten years,’ Geeta said.
‘Do you think there might be another woman?’
‘Hell! No,’ Geeta blurted out.
‘I used to think the same. We were married for 15 years and he wouldn't pay any attention to me. I tried everything prayers, seduction, different positions but he would not be interested. Then I read an article about male menopause in a magazine and I thought maybe he is going through that phase.’
‘Then,’ Geeta was really interested now.
‘Then I found out the truth. He was having a secret affair with this woman. Well if you are fucking every night outside, how will you have the stamina OR desire left for your wife? I divorced him and have never been this happier in life.’
‘Oh!’ Geeta exclaimed.
‘Hi Geeta!’ her usual mate at the parlour called out. It was her turn to go in. Geeta smiled at the lady and went in.
She was getting her eyebrows done and her legs waxed. Normally she would be busy chatting with the girls in the parlour but she was silent today. Her conversation with the lady in the waiting room had made her sombre. She herself was a victim of a bad romance and she didn’t want Ria to be betrayed. She was too dear a friend.
The girl finished one of her eyebrows and went on the other side. Geeta had her eyes closed and was not paying attention to what was happening around her. She felt that each and every person she had met in the past was in some way responsible for her current attitude in life. There was a time when she used to think that her life was extremely uninspiring but she had changed herself now. She was lost in thought thinking of the events that had led her to her present.
Her parents had died when she was very young and her uncle took her to his house as he was her only living relative. Geeta entered his house holding his hand very tightly as she was not sure of how his family would react to her presence. Her uncle lived in a chawl with a very small room and a makeshift open plan kitchen. The room looked more or less like a square box with all the stuff arranged around the four walls. Geeta felt that the place was already crowded with his wife and three children and they were not too pleased with another member in the house. She was not welcomed by anyone as her uncle could hardly feed them properly. Soon Geeta realised that her life at his place was more difficult than she had imagined. She was more of a house servant rather than an orphaned cousin. The only good thing her uncle did was that he made sure she completed her graduation.
Her aunt wanted her to start working immediately after school but her uncle wanted her to study further. Once she gave her SSC exams and finished school he made her go to college against the wish of everyone in the house. He worked as a security guard in one of the local colleges and requested the principle to waive the tuition fees for all the hard work he had done over the years. Geeta had an amazing grasping power and sailed through her exams nicely. As soon as her studies were finished she started working as a junior typist. This was the only day her aunt showed some pleasure on her achievement as her employment actually meant another source of income for the house.
Her office was not very far away and Geeta would walk daily to work. Every day, while coming and going she would notice a young guy eyeing her regularly. Geeta knew how strict her aunt was and kept on ignoring his advances but soon he started following her. Geeta tried to find out about him and discovered that he lived in the opposite chawl and his name was Vinod.